About Us

PV Ventures manages venture capital funds that provide capital and expertise to select seed and early-stage companies. We partner with entrepreneurs to aggressively grow their businesses. Our offices are in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we are invested in companies across Colorado’s front range.

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Investment Focus

PV Ventures invests in both early and growth stage companies.  We invest in management teams that are capable of building world class organizations, whether they are seasoned or first time entrepreneurs. Our initial investments are typically in seed or A round financings, with additional capital reserved to reinforce success and maintain momentum.

Although our fund is not focused on any one technology or market segment, we do focus primarily on Colorado companies. We look for companies close to home, so we can leverage our experience, connections and insights to help them grow.

Our funds typically avoid investing in companies that need extensive R&D or in excess of $10 million in total capital to become competitive in their marketplace.

If you are seeking funding for a business that meets these criteria, send an executive summary or powerpoint presentation to info@pvstrat.com.

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